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Male Enhancement: Do Penis Enlargement Techniques Work?

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While many men are comfortable with their natural size, some seek penis enlargement techniques to boost self-assurance and enhance their sexual gratification. The normal size of the penis varies, with the average flaccid length ranging from 3.2 and 4.4 inches and the erect length from 5.0 and 5.7 inches depending on race, ethnicity and overall body habitus. The psychological impact of size concerns should not be underestimated, but individuals considering such measures should consult with medical professionals to make informed choices. In this blog, we aim to provide a simple and comprehensive guide to understanding penis enlargement techniques and how they work.  

What is Male Sexual Enhancement?

 Couple making elbow plank - AndroNeo Hospital Male sexual enhancement refers to various techniques and products aimed at improving sexual performance and physical attributes in men. These methods may include dietary supplements, prescription medications, exercises, and surgical procedures, all intended to enhance aspects such as erectile function, penis size, stamina, and libido. It’s important to approach these methods with caution. Consult a healthcare professional before attempting any penis enlargement technique and be aware that results can vary from person to person.  

Penis Enlargement Techniques- How do they work?

 Penis Enlargement - AndroNeo Hospital Penis enlargement techniques encompass a range of methods, both surgical and non-surgical, aimed at increasing the size and girth of the penis. These techniques include:

Non-Surgical Methods

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Penis Pumps:

Penis pumps, also known as vacuum erection devices, are designed to help men achieve and maintain an erection. They consist of a cylinder that is placed over the penis and a hand or battery-operated pump. When the air is removed from the cylinder, it creates a vacuum, drawing blood into the penis, causing it to swell and become erect. Penis pumps can be useful for individuals with erectile dysfunction, as they provide a relatively quick and non-invasive method for achieving an erection. However, it is essential to use them according to guidelines to avoid potential misuse and complications. Its use for penis enlargement is not well established.

Penis Extenders/ Traction Devices:

Penis extenders are devices basically designed to improve penile curvature in peyronie’s disease. Its use for penile enlargement alone is not well validated. They consist of a base ring, adjustable rods, and a traction mechanism. The device is worn on the flaccid penis for several hours a day, applying gentle, consistent traction to encourage tissue expansion. Over time, this can result in length gains, though results vary among individuals. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Penis Rings:

Penis rings, also known as cock rings, are not typically used for penis enlargement but rather for enhancing sexual performance. These rings are placed at the base of the erect penis to maintain an erection by restricting blood flow, potentially increasing firmness and endurance. They can help with achieving a larger and longer-lasting erection, which may contribute to a temporary perception of enhanced size.

Topical Creams and Gels:

Penis enlargement topical creams and gels are products applied directly to the penis with claims of enhancing size, sensitivity, or performance. These products often contain various ingredients, such as herbs and amino acids, which are believed to improve blood flow or stimulate tissue growth. Caution is advised when considering such products, as they may carry potential risks or side effects.

Surgical Procedures

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Penile fillers:

Various filler injections can be used to increase penile girth but not the length. These fillers are commonly used on the cheek, lips, chin, forehead and buttocks for cosmetic purposes. Repeat injections are required every year to maintain the girth. Discuss with your doctor about the realistic outcomes of penile filler injections which may even include permanent disfigurement of penis.

Penile Implants:

Penile implants are surgical devices used to treat severe erectile dysfunction (ED). Two main types exist i.e. inflatable and semi-rigid. Inflatable implants consist of a pump implanted in the scrotum and two inflatable cylinders in the penis, allowing for an erection when desired. Semi-rigid implants are permanently firm but can be bent into a position for sexual activity. Implants are usually considered when other treatments fail. The procedure involves surgery and carries some risks, but it can provide a reliable solution for men with significant ED issues.

Suspensory ligament release surgery:

It is a cosmetic procedure aimed at increasing the flaccid length of the penis. It involves cutting the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone, allowing more of the penile shaft to be exposed. This can make the penis appear longer when flaccid, but it does not typically affect erect size.

Pubic Lipectomy:

The procedure involves liposuction to remove excess fat around the pubic area, making the base of the penis more visible. Risks and potential complications should be thoroughly discussed with a qualified surgeon before considering this surgery. To conclude, it is essential to approach penile enhancement cautiously. Consult with a healthcare professional, and be aware of potential risks and limitations associated with different methods to make informed decisions regarding one’s sexual health. When seeking expert guidance and treatment, AndroNeo @ NU Hospitals in Bangalore, India stands out as a reputable choice. The centre is renowned for its expertise and commitment in offering a holistic approach to male sexual health. With a team of skilled specialists, advanced technologies, and a patient-centric approach, it provides a reliable destination for those considering penis enlargement procedures or dealing with related concerns.

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