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Natural Remedies for Andropause: Supplements, Herbs, and Lifestyle

Does the term “andropause” sound unfamiliar to you? It is an often heard term these days but very few men are aware of its meaning. So, what is andropause? Andropause or “male menopause” as it is commonly known, is a condition that affects men after 40s or 50s. This condition is characterized by a drop in the testosterone hormone levels, resulting in mood swings, low energy levels, and poor concentration. It adversely affects the sexual life of a man due to decreased sexual drive or libido. Unlike female menopause, andropause is relatively difficult to diagnose as it progresses slowly.

Signs and symptoms of andropause

Annoyed Couple - AndroNeo Hospitals The sexual, physical, and emotional symptoms of andropause differ from one man to another. Most likely symptoms of andropause that you should look out for are listed below: A. Sexual symptoms include:
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Decreased sexual drive (libido)
  • Poor ejaculate volume
B. Physical symptoms include:
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Loss of muscle mass or strength
  • Early Fatigue
  • Increase in body fat
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweat
  • Heart palpitations
  • Joint pain
C. Emotional symptoms include:
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty managing stress
  • Volatile nature
  • Lack of mental acuity
  • Difficulty sleeping

Causes of andropause

Asian Man confused with his Job - AndroNeo Hospitals Andropause is a part of the aging process. While the condition affects almost 30% of men in their 50s, the symptoms can exacerbate if left untreated. Aging is the most common reason for fall in testosterone levels as you age but certain habits can aggravate the condition. Poor nutrition, stress, and a lack of exercise are all contributing factors to the occurrence of andropause. As testosterone levels fall, the nerves in your penis get less sensitive, resulting in trouble with arousal and reaching an orgasm. ED could be the direct result of fall in testosterone levels. The body loses its ability to hold blood in the penis and so, a man fails to keep an erection. With advancing age, a man may need more stimulation (stroking and touching) to get an erection or may require more time between erections.  

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

Having known the symptoms and causes of andropause, let us delve into the various options available for treatment of andropause. A three-fold approach that includes treatment using supplements, herbs, and lifestyle modifications is described below.  
  • Supplements: Natural supplements are the go-to solution for most men suffering from andropause as they are too ashamed to discuss it with others. Certain minerals and superfoods are known to increase testosterone levels. These supplements include Korean ginseng, horny goat weed, fenugreek seeds, and zinc. However, it may not always be practically feasible to incorporate these in your daily diet.
  • Herbs: There are a lot of natural herbs that may boost testosterone levels. Enlisted below are a couple of herbs that help in alleviating andropause symptoms:
    • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)- This is a potent herb used to treat sexual dysfunction and infertility. Especially useful are the plant’s roots and berries which can be used to make tea, extract, and capsules. Ashwagandha supplements may increase testosterone levels, sperm count and motility, and semen antioxidant levels.
    • Pine bark extract (Pinus pinaster)- It contains natural compounds called proanthocyanidins. The extract made from these compounds is commercially available and it possibly reduces symptoms of erectile dysfunction. When paired with a compound called L-arginine aspartate, pine bark extract has some effect on testosterone and ED. A word of caution though! Men who are on chemotherapy or taking anticoagulants and immunosuppressive medications should not be taking this herb.
    • Chrysin (Passiflora incarnate)- Chrysin is a flavonoid extract found in honey or blue passion flowers (P.incarnate). This herb can be taken in the form of tea or supplements.
  • Lifestyle modifications: By bringing about certain healthy changes to their lifestyle, men can relieve the symptoms of andropause. Poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol intake, and smoking are all potential contributors that can accelerate andropause, by depleting testosterone levels. Men who are overweight or obese show a faster dip in testosterone levels as their body is not getting enough nutrients to support testosterone production. Hence, consuming a diet rich in zinc, selenium, omegas, and B-vitamins will reduce the symptoms of andropause. Another factor that leads to andropause is stress. Stress raises cortisol levels, which in turn depletes testosterone in the body. By exercising regularly, a person can manage stress. It will also help in enhancing metabolism, aids in sleep, improves mood, and supports healthy testosterone.
All the above strategies for testosterone treatment will help in relieving andropause. Natural remedies can provide significant relief for many men as do a number of lifestyle options that men can choose to help alleviate or treat the symptoms of male menopause or andropause. AndroNeo @ NU hospitals specializes in treating erectile dysfunctions and other male menopause-related symptoms. Having the best medical staff, this hospital boasts of providing healthcare par excellence. If you or a male member of your close kith and kin suffers from andropause, you can schedule a visit with us without delay!  

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