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Treating Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Options Beyond ED Pills

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most commonly occurring sexual problem affecting males worldwide. It is defined as trouble in getting or keeping an erection firm enough for sex. Most often, erectile dysfunction is treated with oral medication. However, this is not the only option available for those suffering from ED. Before we delve into the other treatment options for ED, let us first know what erectile dysfunction is all about.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

Depressed young men - AndroNeo HospitalPrimarily, erectile dysfunction causes a problem in getting or keeping an erection firm enough for sex. Other than this, ED also results in:

  •       Depression
  •       Low self-esteem
  •       Reduced sexual desire

·       Distress for both the partners

Erectile dysfunction causes

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There are several underlying health problems and emotional issues that can cause erectile dysfunction. Some of the well-known causes of ED are listed below:

  •       Being over 50 years of age
  •       Suffering from diabetes (high blood sugar)
  •       Having hypertension (high blood pressure)
  •       Having cardiovascular disease
  •       Suffering from high cholesterol levels
  •       Being obese or overweight
  •       Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  •       Using drugs
  •       Drinking too much alcohol
  •       Having a habit of smoking

Erectile dysfunction treatment

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For treating ED, one doesn’t have to be restricted to oral medications alone. These medications often have unpleasant side effects and may not be suitable for those suffering from severe heart disease/heart failure or low blood pressure. To overcome these problems, there are various other treatment modalities now available. Some of these treatment methods are:

  1. Penile implant: Penile implant for erectile dysfunction is a 30-45 minutes surgical procedure in which a water-based device is placed into the erection chambers of the penis. This implant enables you to effectively control when and how long an erection should last. This is, by far, the closest option to a cure for ED. Men who choose to opt for a penile implant report great satisfaction with the results.


  1. Penile injections: In this method, a medicine is injected which improves the penile blood flow better than its oral counterparts. The medicine is injected at the base of the penis with the help of a fine needle. These are self-injectable medicines and a patient is taught the proper technique for injecting the same. The first injection is usually performed in a clinical set-up, under medical supervision. This method, however, has certain side effects such as minor pain or bleeding at the site of injection. The outcome (erection) may sometimes be more prolonged than desired. Long-term users of this therapy often report formation of scar tissue within the deeper tissues of the penis.


  1. Vacuum Erection Device (VED): Also known as a penile pump, this manually operated device pulls blood into the penis using suction. Once the erection is achieved, a tension ring is slipped to the base of the penis, which helps to hold the erection in the penis for about 30 minutes. This is a reliable option for those men who do not wish to take medication, yet restore erection function. Sometimes, due to the ring, there may be mild bruising. Other than this one may experience restriction of ejaculation and the penis may feel cold to touch due to prolonged usage of VED.


  1. Urethral suppository: The use of intraurethral suppository involves inserting a small drug pellet into the tip of the penis. It results in quick erection (within 10 minutes), which can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. The flip side of this method is that there may be burning sensation or slight bleeding from the tip of the penis.


  1. Testosterone replacement: Often, ED is caused due to chronic cardiovascular conditions or temporary stress that reduce blood flow to the penis. Low testosterone levels can result in problems in forming and maintaining an erection. Although this method is not recommended as a first-line, single treatment for ED, it can be used in combination with another ED treatment option.


Erectile dysfunction is not caused by increasing age alone. Many underlying health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety or depression can exacerbate the symptoms of ED. Thus, apart from adopting various treatment options for ED, it is important to take steps to better your heart and mental health in order to alleviate symptoms of ED.


AndroNeo @NU Hospitals has a dedicated team of andrologists which makes it the best erectile dysfunction treatment hospitals in Bangalore. Their expertise and skillful guidance will be of great help in understanding the best treatment options available to treat erectile dysfunction. Soon, you will see yourself on the road to recovery, with renewed confidence and self-esteem. So, visit AndroNeo today without further delay!

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